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Ok, after much deliberation and reviewing other posts and sites, I've decided to go with a space mining vessel. Some inspiration comes from the RSI site's Pledge Prospector

My plan is to use AutoDesk 3DS Max for the bulk of the modelling work then texture in Allegorithmic Substance Painter & Designer plus, possibly, one or two other applications if required (e.g.: Pixologic ZBrush), back to 3DS Max for final touches before lighting and rendering then off to Adobe Photoshop for the final bits.

Thanks for hosting this contest, guys!

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Getting started with blocking out and a bit of detail on the engines and cargo containers in Autodesk 3DS Max. Using the RSI prospector for initial inspiration, but I'll probably go bigger. Their model looks like something that would dock inside a larger ship, but I want a crew-based asteroid miner than can make long journeys on its own:
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I've made some further progress on the 3DS Max modelling details. Now have most of the components started: cockpit, quarters, cargo, engines, cannisters, etc. I still need a lot more exterior modules like the cargo harnesses, piping/venting, etc. and some fine details like connectors, welds, etc. Then I'll head over to Substance Designer and Painter for the next phase.

Today I added little more detail and mirrored/attached both halves of each segment so they can get some customization. Tomorrow I'm going to look at putting some mining tools on it...and maybe a weapon or two and some communication gear.

Looking awesome man sick ship!

Here's a simple test render of the cockpit with base Substance Painter materials applied. This render was done in 7 minutes on my laptop using the new 3DS Max 2017 ART renderer with default lights and a simple HRD panoramic cylinder for the background. I just wanted to see if the materials would look OK in Max.

Here's the same part rendered in NVIDIA iRay from within Substance Painter 2.0. I started with the Metal Tank material, tweaked the colors and the effects (dust, rust, dirt, scratches) then added some oil leaks near the pipes and some extra wear near a step. There's an obvious place for a logo/name on the side that needs filling in as well as a bunch more layering and cleanup, but it's a start.

Painted up a cannister - this is almost ready to go!

Added a few more elements to the ship and two of the objects are using Substance Painter textures, but still a ways to go. Need a lot more detail on the cockpit...back to Substance Painter!

Updated the cannisters slightly. There was a bad seam and some of the elements are now separated from each other to provide a better, hard edge. Also added a fullness gauge with lighting emmissiveness to the side and decreased the impact of fracturing and dirt.

Close-up of the new cannister itself. Used some greebles to add detail to the copper metal bands and symbols on the yellow sides and top. Fracturing brush was used to break the yellow sides up as if they've been exposed to severe cold (which they are, of course). Changed the fracturing blend to linear burn with 25% to darken the lines.

Final render of the weekend. Still only draft mode ART rendering with default lights since I'm short on GPU power and time right now.

Hey man cool work so far. Maybe it is to far in the process for you to take criticism to actually change these things. But I felt like telling you this.  The whole shape of the ship looks really off and weird, most of the forms and lines are not straight which takes away from the idea of a spaceship that is actually build There seems to be no overall structure to the ship, try to really think how something like this would be build, it is the year 2116 after all!

The textures look really de-saturated and flat, for example the yellow canisters. The yellow color does not do it justice. Also the cracked pattern that overlaps all the panels would not work in that way. Although substance is amazing, try to not just throw smart materials around to much and think about where edge wear or cracks would occur!

I hope you'll take this criticism in the right way!

Hi Mischa,

Thanks so much for the feedback. This is my first go at a complete model from end-to-end. I'm a developer by trade and an artist only in hobby. I've never been very happy with this design and understand the feedback you gave on the structure, but wanted to finish this as a first work just to get the entire process done once.

I suspect the textures will look less de-saturated once I fix the lighting and use a proper camera and rendering engine. This was a draft render using the 3DS Max CPU-based ART renderer with a single default light and no camera, so future renders should get better.

Thanks again!

Well, I'm not happy with the end result, but I'm happy to have completed this process end-to-end and learned a lot about what not to do! Now I'm going to go back a few steps and fix some early mistakes and make this...better.
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