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Here two images.

First image show what program I will use for texturing differents parts. I will use Designer to texturing minor parts, I know it's fast to recalculate baked maps procedurally. And I will use Painter to texture the parts that I want to personalize better.

Second image show the different materials of the ship. Again I want to do something not so futuristic, I want to do something that in 100 years can really exist and "work", so materials will be realistic, same thing for the final render.

I will do some of those materials in Designer, then use those to texture inside Designer or in Painter.

Bye bye :)

PS: Some parts of the ship are missing here, cause I will duplicate thing after texturing. And I will add other thing during texturing

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some materials reference which I'm using. :)


First material made in Designer.

High temperature Surface. Will cover all the bottom of the Shuttle and other parts on the top. :) I will use this material in Painter.

Second material, HexGlass. I have expose lot's of parameters so I can change the shape directly in Painter. :)

third material. I call it "Nervys". I didn't mentioned it above (I forgot :)). It's for the top white shells. It's a Nervous material Self-healing.

just a test putting the HighTemperature material done in Designer and rendered in Painter, to see if all works... I will then put on top dirts and aged things.. :)


I add in a very fast way some details in Zbrush before enter in Painter where I will do all the rest. Anyway I can change everything at any time.. But there is not too time for me so I need to go fast :), without changing to much things. :)

beginning Texturing in Painter. It's pretty impressive how fast and powerfull is this software

little UP  :)
 PS: I think I will take off the text "trip to the"... don't like It now..

finished for the moment teexturing... Lots of work still to do.. I need to model and texture the surface of the moon.

This is just a very fast and rough idea of the composition  :)

Rough render done in renderman.

made some progress of composition... I'm in late..

Next I need to do, Rocks and ground in ZB, ground texture in Designer and painter, I will try to do some procedural texture in designer it's the fastest way I think. Hope to finish in time! I need also to do other meshes here and there.. We will see..

Here another rough composition :)


Ok here another UP! Modeled ground and rocks in Zbrush, then I have done a simple rock ground material in Substance Designer, and then texturing in Painter with some bakes. So to have more details than just the "poly" zbrush...

Next I will add more rocks instanced, and some funny objects :)


Really tired now... :)

Here last two objects, with a very fast texturing in painter. It's really an awesome software. 5 minutes for those two meshes for texturing.. awesome.. Perfect for a contest :D

Next I will pump everything I can and do my final!

Here my Final image, and progressions shots. :)



The idea is a new kind of travel agency of the future. Where normal people can go as tourists to enjoy walking on the moon.
The shuttle is called "Moon" property of the travel agency "Moon Walking Corporation". It's  a 16 seats tourists space shuttle.
The general concept idea is a new "Jurassik Park". A park, in this case a "trip" wich will give you a unique and impressive experience, walking on the Moon.
I've preferred to do a concept that is futuristic but at the same time conteporary, something that can produce a calm feeling with roundend forms, not so hard edges or too futuristic shapes, but something plausible and in some way real.
So call the "Moon Walking Corporation", and book your 2116 trip to the Moon!

Enjoy your Moon Walking!

Thanks anyway! It was fun  :)