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I'm happy that we can finally have native builds and support for GNU/Linux of Allegorithmic's products. Thanks!

I think I understand why Allegorithmic, like many other commercial software publishers, chose to support RHL/CentOS and that is perfectly fine. Maintaining and supporting the wide array of available Desktop Linux flavours can be complex and expensive. The dependency nightmare alone can be discouraging at best.

So, could AppImage ( help in that regard? It's a way to build universal Desktop Linux builds, thus making support and maintenance of different variants of modern Linux Desktop affordable since, as it seems, provides distribution agnostic packages. It could be a viable way for Allegorithmic to provide some sort of universal Desktop Linux builds. If so, it would be fantastic, since there are lots of us using other distributions other than RHL/CentOS for various reasons. Having just one extra build for the rest of the distributions besides the current official one would be really convenient for the users at a (potentially) marginal cost for the company.

Krita (, a digital painting program, was recently released making use of AppImage with apparently quite a success. It might be worth checking.

I'd like to encourage the Allegorithmic developers and management to consider this option. It has the potential to make their lives easier and to provide users of their products a convenient way to install and use their software in the OS of their choice.

Thank you for your time and nice products.


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I know this topic is "old" but I just wanted to throw in my support for this idea.

I am running Ubuntu because it is the "easiest" Linux distro for most users out there to get started with.  It has a large user base and a lot of resources behind it as far as tutorials and the like.

I have a number of apps running from appimage builds, and they are SUPER easy to install and run.  No problems with any of them so far (Krita included).  From what I understand, creating an appimage is also very easy to do.

I am excited that Allegorithmic is offering Linux builds of its software.  I think that offering them in the form of an appimage would not only extend the potential market of users (albeit within the fairly narrow confines of us Linux users), but it should also be easier for Allegorithmic as a whole.

+1, I'm using alien to convert the .rpm to .deb and then installing it, works well for Mint.