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Hello everyone,

Here are my sketches for this competition
A little background story

The already stable, advanced civilization recently built by humans on Mars, most of the Humans left Earth for Mars, at the time there are no way to fix the broken Earth back into a hospitable environment. In the span of 20 years beginning from year 2080 there are only hundreds of Humans left on Earth, mostly scientists and engineers with one purpose, fixing the broken Earth and try to bring back balance in the Earth ecosystem.

Earth severely broken in many aspects because of excessive mining and chemical contamination. The mega earthquake in 2030 almost brought Human to extinction, the earthquake is so massive enough to cause new small continents arise from the bottom of the sea while some bigger parts of the existing continent sunk, fossil fuel leaking and fill the seas, almost nothing left. Humans begin to rely on wind, solar and batteries for the source of energy and the mining plus production for better batteries had caused much severe environment imbalance. Into Mars, Humans must go and it means more mineral mining to built Human civilization on Mars, Earth is dying.

The year is 2016, a new experimental vehicle was built in Mars to aid scientists and engineers on Earth with the mission bringing back Earth into a hospitable environment before sending the Ark project into the Earth orbit to deploy a living, preserved flora and fauna back into their mother Earth.

Earth is broken because of earthquake and mining
Humans on Mars wants to restore the Earth.

Sketches and 3d

very cool shape!! incentive and promising )

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I decided to leave it because I have to work on another project a similar one, I will get to this vehicle one day.