Author Topic: Ticor's Sport series  (Read 2167 times)

Hi guys. Here is my initial sketches. Still finding functions and shape. Good luck to you all.

Great looking sketches!! I like the side profiles a lot  ;D

I am still not satisfied. I must do much more sketches before I start modeling. Thank you :)

They're very nice indeed! Keep it up!

Thank you:) Here is more sketchers but I think it is worse than previous :( Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Hi guys, much more come soon. And probably I will start choosing one and start modeling soon as well.

(sry for my english  :-[ )

I like the top one and the bottom one from the last image. Very cool designs

I prefer the middle one  8)

Thank you for comments guys. :) I finally choose one of many and today. I am going to modeling  :P

no pressure :D Wip:

Sorry guys I had no more time for posting progress here. So belatedly...