Author Topic: A Road-trip in 2116 - "BEAST"  (Read 3397 times)

Hello Everyone, this is my entry for the Road Trip Contest.

I've started a few weeks ago and now i want to show you my creation. It's a Hover Jet Bike that is powered by a Radial Fan like those you can find on Graphic Cards or some older Hairdryers from the 70's. I liked the idea that one powerful Fan could lift and move the vehicle. Some Wings on the bottom are used for steering and two big thrust reverse brakes stop it. I started with some loose sketches to find a form. At the beginning i wanted to create a big ship with the Fan as a center, but after some tries i decided to create a smaller vehicle suitable for one Pilot.

So this where i'am so far :-)
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as you can see in the last picture its a real poly waste  :)

Brilliant work, I love the design. It looks fast

I finsihed the modeling, now the Fun really starts.

@Increality: thank you  :) 

UV Unwrapping, this was just the first part of the Model  :'(

Really Nice man, probably my favorite so far  :) Love the inspiration from the graphics card.

Thanks @rjeeez95_1  :)

yummy Carbon :D - first Steps in Substance

thats it, i'm done :-)

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YEAAAAAH, made me proud haha, Nice.

Looks fantastic! I like the colors on the grey, very nice

WOHOOOO  :o :D ;D 8)  2nd Place i'm going crazy!!!

Thank You Allegorithmic for this awesome Contest and a big thank you also to the Jury. 2nd, wow, i can't belive it  :D this is so awesome.

Thanks @ Increality and rjeeze95_1
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Congratulations ! ;D ;D

Hi guys, i found some time to rework my model. Due to the timelimit in the contest, i was not 100 percent happy with my result so i updated some parts and did some new renders. 

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