Author Topic: A ROAD TRIP IN 2116 - VR CONCEPT  (Read 1625 times)

I’m quite awestruck by VR right now, so I think I’ll try to do something along those lines. Perhaps a vehicle to enhance the experience.
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I’ve gathered a fairly broad range of reference that I like. I’ll see where it takes me…

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to finish this but what I’m thinking is some kind of ‘experiential vehicle’. An acrobatic, VR supported vehicle, powered by something resembling a Dyson fan (the fusion version).

I’ve been back and forth between photoshop and max to get to this point, trying to resolve the most obvious mechanical issues and finding a reasonable aesthetic continuity from my reference.

I need to get on with texturing now, so I’ll try and resolve everything else in Substance…

Very interesting idea, as for me. I hope it will be more detailed in the final  ;)

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to finish this but yeah, it certainly needs lots more details, I wanted to leave myself plenty do in substance.
I’ll make an effort to finish it, when I’ve got some free time but I’m too busy at the moment.