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Hello, everyone. Sorry for the late . I was busy in my jobs all the time after finishing the competition. Currently, I sorted out some documents about my works in recent days.  I’d like to share some screenshots and design thoughts with you.
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The story:
2116, rally racing in the future. The difference is that this race is taken place on another planet, the racing track is unimaginably long, stretching across the planet from west hemisphere to east hemisphere. What's more, there is absolutely no stopping point in between, no outside support or help is available, which means the racers are all on their own. They will have to climb over snow mountains, pass through desert, marsh, rainforests......facing countless other unknown dangers. Therefore, racing cars are not just a means of transportation. In order to cope with disasters and accidents, cars could be the racers' shelter, racers could use the equipments on the cars wisely to pass through all kinds of unknown accidents. At the moment, racing car No.88 is taking a short rest at a ruin in the middle of a desert. Supply!
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At the beginning, I thought there wasn’t enough time for preparing for the competition. Moreover, I hadn’t painted for a long time. I didn’t spend too much time on designing on paper as I conceived for a short time, and I had got a basic modelling in my mind.So I remembered a previous stock on hand. It was a semi-finished product that I made 8 years ago. I redesigned its local parts and sketched its outline.

I was in a hurry when making it, so I didn’t have any time for making screenshots.
I referenced the local designs of many concept cars and the characteristics of some modern cars, and pieced them up on an ATV of 8X8.

In fact, the works I submitted was not the final one. However, I didn’t have enough time, so I omitted many local detailed structures amid model making. A engine at the rear of the car wasn’t presented, and highres,UV and texture wasn’t presented, either. Therefore, I will finish the motor structure as well as some other details in my free time in future.

Screenshots of SubstancePainter:
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Bloody Amazing Work!!

congrats on the big win

Congrats !

Congrats on the great work!

Amazing stuff love the Porsche styled 918 exhaust there :)

Your work is super awesome!

Thank you all so very much! Thank you to the allegorithmic and the judges! thank you to all of you in this competition! ;D ;D ;D
I will continue to complete it more. ;)

Congrats too :-)  awesome Car, incredible Details :o!!   :)