Author Topic: [SD5]Superformula Shape Generator  (Read 1834 times)

I got curious about this after reading that No Mans Sky used the formula without permission in their game (which turned out to be false).

The formula actualy works really great as a shape generator via pixel processor. I'm too afraid to put it on Substance Share due to the legal status of the patented formula so i made a mini tutorial instead for those who want to experiment with it on their own responsibility:

Looks awesome. 

Legal case looks interesting, too - I didn't think you could patent an algorithm, or a shape (unless it was a trademark, or it's shape had a purpose). 

Yea i think the patent is a bit sketchy to say the least. Afaik what he has patented isn't the formula itself but its use in CG applications, which to me is like someone patenting the use of the color red in video games. The big issue is that even with the patent being sketchy they can cause headaches and legal costs to anyone who decides to go against it.

Software patents, Yay!

Bring on the patent trolls  ::)