Author Topic: Perfect Normal Map Baking in Substance Painter  (Read 5079 times)

I'm using SP 2.4.1 and this script will cause it to crash quite often.  I've been able to get through most of the process by saving after every step but when I go to replace the mask with Bake_B it crashes SP every time, so now I'm stuck at that step.  Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks, glade you like it. Hopefully SP will support some much needed scripting functions soon so I can automate the workflow more.

Unfortunately the latest Substance Painter release does not add any meaningful scripting changes which NormalFix can use.

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I'm in Painter 2.5.3 and there's no more way to generate the mask, right  :-\ ? The generator used in your script (Called Bake_B) is outdated and I can't seem to find any equivalent now (in your video it's called normal_bake_blend) ?
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I haven't tried it in the latest SP version yet, but all Substance Designer source files are included, so it should be possible to re-compile it with the latest SD version.