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Hello everyone, we just launched the official Allegorithmic merch store! We'll try to add new limited edition shirts designed by the team on a regular basis.
Let us know what you think and what other cool gear you'd like to see!

The only discrepancy with products is the Allegorithmic logo on the back - if the t-shirt's main colour happens to be white, you don't see this logo because it is also white!  In such circumstances you should, thus, consider printing the company logo in black, on white and yellow t-shirts, as this would make it contrast better...

I would also like to see a Basic Cotton Cap in multiple colours with the Allegorithmic logo.

I love Allegorithmic but I look at the merchandising and the only shirt that I'd use would be the Substance Rock Fest with the lineup on the back.

I like Element t-shirts they always have a lot of style.

is there chance to ship in Russia ?

is there chance to ship in Russia ?

We are using a 3rd party provider for the merchandising, which unfortunatelly doesn't ship to Russia.
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When will "Yechawood" book will be available in your store?
Also, I really want to know. Is there any chance you will ship worldwide in the future?
I live in Russia and I really want that book  :-[