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    Welcome to the Battle of the Titans!

    Here are the global guidelines for the contest. Feel free to ask any question related to the rules, prizes or unfolding of the contest in this thread.

    • Submission
    Once they are final, you can submit your titans on the following ftp:
    login : ftptitans
    pass : algtitans
    You need to put all the submitted files in a folder, which is named following this convention "your name - Titan's name".
    Please include as well a .txt in the folder with all your email address and phone number so we can join you if needed :)

    You should just drag&drop the folder on the folder called "Submissions" on the ftp.

    • Where?
    You are free to post and update your work in progress on the forum or community of your choice.
    To enter the competition though, you will have to create an "official" thread on our own Contest Forum. Name your thread with the name of your Titan and post a brief overview and if possible some concept/inspiration board.

    • When?
    Final submissions need to be submitted by July 18th.
    Results will be announced July 21st.

    • What?
    - A short description of your Titan and it's background story.
    - 1 beauty shot. Any 3D engine or viewport can be used, any post-processing available in the chosen engine are allowed (no Photoshop retakes).
    - 1 texture sheet preview, using your textures as input of this Substance Template either in Substance Designer or in the free Substance Player.
    - An archive containing the mesh as FBX and final textures as TGAs and the substance file(s) zipped using the "Export with Dependencies" option in Substance Designer.

    - An archive containing the Substance Painter project if applicable.

    • Asset Constraints
    • Titan: 100 000 tris
    • Pedestal (optional): 10 000 tris
    • Any type of material setup can be used, from simple unlit diffuse only to complex PBR and subsurface scattering shaders, your choice :)
    • Titan: 8192*4096 texture sheet. Can be split into multiple textures (2 x 4096*4096 for example).
    • Pedestal (optional): 1024*1024.
    Important: You can use any software package for modeling and texturing, however keep in mind that one of the main criteria for the jury is a clever use of the Substance tools.
    Clever does not necessarily mean doing everything in Substance, but we advise to use Substance as your main toolset or hub for texturing :)

    Judging and Prizes

    Those amazing prizes will go to the most creative and talented amongst you!
    A jury made of some of the most experienced artists from the movie and game industry will have the hard task of choosing the winners.

    Several aspects of each entry will be taken in consideration by the jury:
    • Creativity - Surprise them with an original creature or an unexpected take on a classic figure.
    • Workflow - Edge flow, UV optimization, texel ratio... Impress them with your technical skills.
    • Execution - Please their eyes with the most badass and beautiful characters.
    • Substance Usage - No, not that kind of substance. All the members of the Jury are experienced Substance users and all of them use different workflows. Show them how YOU use Substance to your advantage.

    Jury composition

    Laurens Corijn -
    Lead Technical Artist - EA Dice

    Gee Yeung - Creative Director - Dreamworks

    Rich Diamant - Principal Artist - Riot Games

    Brad Smith - Senior Texture Artist - Naughty Dog

    Jarred Everson - Character Artist - Blizzard Entertainment

    Vincent Delassus - Art Director - Ubisoft

    Wes McDermott - Substance Ninja - Allegorithmic[/list]
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    Wow, this is great !

    I wish good times & luck & fun everybody  8)
    I bet we´ll see awesome texturing going on here...

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    indeed!! i adhere to elowan,.. good times, luck and fun for everybody!! :)

    Fantastic challenge. I already have an idea, but I fear time will lack me... anyway, I'll try to enter this challenge.


    Are there country restrictions ? What is a titan in terms of this competition? I feel like I missed something as there are already lots of entries focused on robotics (ala Titanfall ?).

    Sounds like fun !


    I would also like to ask about what a "Titan" is in the context of this contest ...

    To me, Titans in "modern games" (or movies for that matter) have nothing in common with "real Titans" as in the Greek or Norse mythology, where they are clearly defined as the children of the original "base powers" and in that sense not "evil" or "destructive" or anything bad at all. They just are. Without them even Gods could not exist.

    So is this contest about creating monsters and evil enemies - or about "real" Titans?

    Thanks for any clarification!


    Excerpt from the contest main page :
    "Titans! They are the most terrifying and powerful beings of all. Your challenge is to model and texture a titanic being in all its gigantic glory. You can of course find inspiration in existing characters but we want you to come up this something which is your own. The Titan can be shown in action or simply posing, just make it look cool and badass!
    Of course, feel free to be creative around this theme as a Titan can be many things from a giant lava golem to a prehistoric mutant beast or a huge combat robot."

    Seems pretty clear to me, it lets quite a lot of freedom...

    Hi, "Captainmarlow",

    > Seems pretty clear to me, it lets quite a lot of freedom...

    well, it's not clear to me. I do agree that it lets a lot of freedom if you take the contest as an inspiration. That's cool. But if you join in and strive for a win, it doesn't exactly make much sense to create a "mythological titan" when the jury expects a "game-monster". Sure, this may be a question of "point of view", but for me the two approaches just have nothing in common.
    A bit "too much freedom", so to say.

    I repeat: Taking it as an inspiration is fine. I actually will try my best at that. But from looking at the jury members' professions I have my doubts that "real titans" would stand a chance of winning :-)



    Cool, I didn't see that contest page. Pretty clear to me, thanks !

    Real titans are fine. The most important criteria in the end will be the quality of the asset. The fact that the creature could be used in a game as a boss for example does not matter.

    Cool! :-) The idea I have wouldn't really work in a game.

    I hope.


    Just to be sure. 1 4K and 4 2K textures are acceptable ? In the end it is equal to 8192*4096 but considering the instability of SD4 on my Mac, separating into smaller graphs will be certainly less painful.

    > Titan: 8192*4096 texture sheet. Can be split into multiple textures (2 x 4096*4096 for example).

    ... seems pretty clear to me :-D
    (sorry, just couldn't resist)

    As long as you stay within a) the limits of 8kx4k and b) your textures can be fitted on the template they are going to release, you're fine to roll, I'd say.


    Yes, I guess so also, but before planning this, I'd rather be sure, because it will have an impact on how I will model and unwrap my entry.

    Sure. I know the feeling :-D