Author Topic: is .sbs available in Substance Source?  (Read 1178 times)

We just announced that sbs files will be available for all Allegorithmic made materials on Source starting tomorrow!

Only Substance live members can download .sbs? I got 180 downloads for owning Indie Designer,Painter and B2M :)

NVM - I see now how it works in action. Awesome update.
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Feeling pretty stuck on stupid right now. I'm a live subscriber, but can't seem to find any reference to *.sbs files on source; only the *.sbsar files as before.

Nevermind. A) I wasn't seeing the sbsar/sbs text in the bottom right before (browser cache issue I'm guessing), and B) not all substances have the sbs.
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Pretty awesome Jeremie!

Now the source makes lots more sense for me and you also got some nice updates too! Cool ;)
best regards, daniel!