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I will try to create one dangerous war robot inspired by one of the three ouranian cyclops.
Steropes was the cyclops of lightning. I will start with some rough concept drawings, because I still don't know at this moment if I will go for a gothic scifi look, or a steampunk look.

Here is a very first and basic drawing. More to come !

A more advanced sketch :

I intend to do all the modeling in Lightwave, as well as basic texturing, which will be baked as simple textures. I plan two 4K textures or 1 4K for the body and 4 2K for the weapons and details.
Of course almost all texturing will be done with substance designer, and some with substance painter I guess.
Rigging and final renders will be made in Lightwave.

So here is the first wireframe view of the legs and hips. I will first create the "low poly" 100k triangles in Lightwave, then have all details added in 3D-Coat. I will bake the details on the low poly cage with normal maps, and then go through substance painter and designer. As I want the model to be usable for other projects, I will rig and pose it in Lightwave (and then export the final .fbx from lightwave).

I took some time because of family problems. Good thing the deadline has been extended.
Here is the shield of my TITAN, in its current state. I like YEBIS2 post processing !

I had started to create a lance for the Titan, but I may finally go for a massive war hammer...

Here is the war hammer, maybe slightly better than the lance.

Here is a "clay render" in Lightwave. The right hand, dorsal pack and rocket launcher are still very basic mesh, waiting for real modeling. I have reached around 80k triangles right now. The 100k limit is very near ! All further details will be added in 3D-Coat and transferred to normal maps.

Last update for today, and most certainly for this week.
I consider the base mesh finished, with around 88K triangles. It is not rigged yet, though. I just placed the various parts in different layers with pivot points to get a rough idea of the final pose.
I will now rig it, unwrap the UVs and paint the base coat in 3D-Coat, along with some more details to generate the normal maps. I will then export this in SD4 for texturing. I sure hope 4K will be supported in Painter before the challenge ends for some more details !

The Lightwave part is now over, with all modeling and rigging process achieved. I will now send the model to 3D-Coat for further details, UV unwrapping, and base painting. Only after this stage will I start to texture the final posed mesh in SD4.

More details here

And here is the result directly in SD4 with Yebis. I don't think I will be able to have more subtle graphs, because these ones put my iMac on its knees.
Now, I still have to create the pedestal. This said, I'm almost certain, now, that my final render will be made in Lightwave.

The same, rendered in Lightwave with a pedestal. I seriously doubt the 1024*1024 texture will be OK with this pedestal, so I might have to review the final setting of the scene.

Here is a new render, with a pedestal reworked to stay under the 10k polygons and 1k texture limit. I have also reworked the scale of the arms, which are now better proportioned with the rest of its body.

And here is the Titan on sketchfab ! The textures are not final, though. I will update them later.