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The Fifth Golem

In the beginning there was darkness and chaos.  Then God said let there be light and there was light.  In the following days he created the heavens and the earth, and all the beings that resided therein. 

When God completed his creation, He looked on it and saw that it was good.  It was good but there was nothing to take pleasure and rule over all He had made.  With this in mind He created the First Golem.

The First Golem: Halel, was complete.  His mind, body, and spirit was only a few steps below God's own.  He had incredible wisdom, unrivaled beauty, an indestructable body, and indomitable spirit.  His perfection was his downfall.  In his hubris, the Halel believed he no longer needed his Creator.  Halel created the Second Golem - mindless automatons to rise against the Creator. 

Within a day, the uprising was quelled.  The Creator stripped Halel of his power and sent banished him to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.  He transformed Halel's essence into that of a star.  And there Halel lies dormant even now.

As for the Second Golem, the mindless automatons, were sentenced to work the Inner Earth.  This is a place in the center of time and space where through meticulous and timely work, the world stays in motion.

The Creator was not satisfied and tried a third and fourth Golem of which we don't have the time to address.

He finally realized that there was too much order to the creation of the Golem.  Each He would precisely sculpt with his own hands.  Instead with these Golem they were created through chaos. 

He created the Fifth Golem - the Tohu.  He sent the winds, the rain, fire, and ice.  He pulverized them with earthquakes.  The structures created, He brought to life - the Fifth Golem. 

At first the Tohu seemed the perfect solution.  Chaos created an infinite variation.  Some were giants while others were minuscule.  There were smart ones, creative ones, as well as simple ones that only did simple tasks.

They reproduced at an almost alarming rate, but this, at least first did not phase the creator.  He saw this as the natural progression of chaos.  One day however, a new Tohu was born that alarmed him.  In many ways, he looked just like Halel, the First Golem.  They named him Maor.

As the boy grew older he became more and more like Halel - in both good and bad ways.  He was intelligent, strong, and headstrong.  He was also insecure and filled with pride.  He seemed to have an overwhelming need to prove who he was.

The Creator had a problem.  He knew the dangers this posed to the rest of the Tohu and creation.  But He loved the Tohu, and He loved Maor.  He couldn't bring Himself to banish them like Halel.

Eventually more Tohu were born that were like Maor - possessing incredible power, but without the conscience to know how to use the power.  The Creator knew that for the first time, that what He created could reach a point where He could no longer control them.

The Creator came up with a solution.  He put the Fifth Golem into a deep sleep.  Then He made their bodies and essence part of Eden.  Some of them are the trees in the Great Forest.  Some are buried as mountains on the Herad Coast.  Some sit deep in the Ocean and pull the waves to and fro.

The Creator tried a sixth, but something was still missing.  Something He couldn't quite put His finger on.

Finally, He knew.  He formed the Seventh Golem through chaos - like the fifth and sixth.  He refined the imperfections with His hands - like the sixth.  And then He took a part of himself - His breath, and placed it deep in the Seventh Golem.  It took breath, and the Creator looked at His creation.  His creation looked back with inquisitive, eager eyes.  And the Creator said to His creation "I will call you Man."


The idea here is throughout the "history" of this world, man will have awakened the Fifth Golem for one reason or the other.  I plan on creating one of the Tohu for my project.
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Some look ideas from Breath of fire

Finally got a chance to start.

Here are my current sketches as well as a walkthrough.  I'm planning to document the process.

Bottom one instantly remined me of Ghom from diablo 3. Only with two legs :)

Thanks man!!
Sorry took so long to reply.

Also have some new methods I tried out for base mesh:

Just an update.  Still here.
Trying to finish.

Another quick Update..
Gotta go faster!


Sadly didn't make it.  Ran into some last minute bake issues before texturing.  Been a little bit down about it so I haven't made a post but here is the final sculpt and initial textures.  I'll be finishing it up in the next few weeks.

Finishing up