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The Titan God of Spatial Perdition.

In the vastness of space lie untold resourses where all their numbers deny permanents to their place in time. Destinies rise and have been felled as the numbers divide amongst them all attainable resourses, casting ripples outward, exposing their true power. Through these waves they are no longer hidden and have found no recourse, save, that they together, continue to move through time.

One, who was thought to be a number, broke free of the limits from time, but in doing so, could no longer control the division of resources in both time and space. Control over the numbers themselves became its form and name. But in this form of powerlessness, its division became absolute, not only from the resourses but from all other numbers, where only nothing is divided against it. Beginning before any of all that is known, its shape has found design in what it is no longer, infinite magnitude solely lacking velocity, the unattainable niche.

Now from before, and through to beyond the vast chaos, the power of pure entropy has come to restore . . .


This is the first of many Titans that are being sent from The Chaos Void to search for the elusive FarNiche, and any who have taken refuge therein.
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The Pedestal.

Just finished running the Pedestal through the "reduction" pipeline.  The end result seems to be a little on the low Low-Res end of the spectrum, but I'm an Indie Game Creator so this Low-Res draft is just about right for a game asset and rig animation.  I will beef this turntable/pedestal asset up later to bring in more detail from the assets of Substance Designer.  But for now it was great practice in getting an idea of what my Titan will need to go through with 100,000 tris.

Good work everyone, I like the inspiration vibe, thanks and good luck.

1,681,004 Tris, High-Res Pedestal.

112,886 Tris, Mid-Res Pedestal.

2,137 Tris, Low-Res Pedestal.
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This first Titan has only one bidding of fealty, to devour every life sustaining Niche Far and Near.

Earth texture from NASA(USA).

A small excerpt from my Blog:

I have been giving my Substance Designer Contest Challenge some thought.  So with what I have accomplished thus far and the way that the storyline has taken hold of the character, I think I could use even a little more articulation to bind the Titan with the story.  This Titan is huge.  And what I am doing is personifying the concept of the Titan because this Titan, "The Titan God of Spatial Perdition", does not have any natural human form, per se.  Like the Gods of early Mythology and more precisely, those descried by Mythopoeic Thought, my Titan is only an "idol".  It is a fleeting glimpse of a representation that conceptualizes its power by drawing from the beings that deem themselves affected by it through relational reasoning.  The myths of this Titan are bound to those it protects only because they have become aware enough to acknowledge the powers of this Titans existence and have attributed that power to that Titan. To this end, I will attempt, in part, to form the where or how this Titan came to be.

The concept of "Spatial Perdition" comes from what I saw as Earth's magnetic field.  This barrier is not only essential to complex life as we have come to understand it, but that it also protects us from even greater Titans or Gods that would befuddle the more basic concepts that lead to the evolution of evolution.  I know, recursive is the thought of evolution being a part of the process that evolves evolution into its own evolutionism, and it is, yes ... , I won't say it, "evolutionary", but I did.  So this Magnetosphere, our squishy torus of safety, is what I am calling "The Titan God of Spatial Perdition" because it saves the lives on this Earth but it has also made us fully unaware of the deathly dangers it has been protecting us from through our sorted evolution.  And because of this "cradling in the arms of our protector" we, have instead of growing in enlightenment, have been dragged through a world of protected disillusionment.  This Titan is therefore a protector of life because it has taken residence inside a place that is another perfect balance of powers, the proverbial "Goldilocks Zone", another Titan God.  But my Titan,  "The Titan God of Spatial Perdition" has also, by its very nature, deceived all those that it has come to protect.  But then again, maybe that's too much to ask of a Titan that can only express itself through protection, for its leaving would produce utter annihilation.

So that is a continuance of the larger picture and is a greater storyline of "The Titan God of Spatial Perdition", my Titan.  Although this Titan, actually the powers of this Titan, which have been at work from time beyond the time of our sorted evolution, has in some way become an integral part of every life on this Earth.  But this Titan has been locked out, as all Titans are, and will never participate with us through communication directly as we have found ourselves able to interact with each other.  But as a Titan, it will continue to communicate its mercy and fury, the whims of the gods, which will always remind us of its powers as we recall them through their Mythos.  Now, back to the picture, the drafting room, the cutting room floor.

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It looks like it's time to muck it up a bit, save once save often, have a backup naming convention like you wouldn't believe to bring the hammer down on this baby, oh yeah, right to the mat.

Almost there.

My Titan in Substance Painter.
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Post Mortem.

That's it.  My Titan has been submitted via the  Allegorithmic ftp pipeline.

Thank you all with whom I have participated.  It was great fun to see the different directions a theme of "TITAN" could go in this challenge.

My last addition to this forum is a link to my blog post charting the last days leading up to my "Getting it Done and out the door", which of course, relays my brain ruckus as I brought this Titan to fruition. - "My Titan Blog Page: Final."

I am the Indie Game Creator at:

Thanks again,
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