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 My name is Niles, and I'm excited to participate in the Battle of the Titans contest!

I've given my titan some thought, and I plan on jotting down a story describing  the Grey Kings' origin soon.

Good luck everyone, lets have fun!

Once, long ago, when men knew of Gods, there was a mighty kingdom. A kingdom so vast, it covered the world. This kingdom was ruled by a benevolent King in hand with his beautiful wise Queen. They were deeply in love. Their realm knew of peace and prosperity, and was blessed by the Gods.

Though, this blessing came to an end after a long and prosperous reign when the Queen perished. The King fell into a sadness, as well as the people of the realm. Seeing this, the Gods pitied the King, and an enormous Gate was gifted to him, and with it, a key. Through its arches lied the realm of the dead.  The King was free to visit his love once again. The gods warned however, "If you bring even a single soul back through the Gate,  your kingdom will crumble and your people will turn against you."

Heeding the warning from the gods, the King proceeded through the Gate, and indeed found his love.  Time after time, he retreated through the Gate and would return later to rule once more. With the kings return he would resume picking up the pieces of a sedentary kingdom.

After some time, the King was weary of traveling over to the other side to see his beloved. He schemed to fool the gods by covering his love with his billowing robes. So that night, he went to his Queen to retrieve her. The couple neared the mouth of the Gate and enter the land of the living.

As the espoused crossed the Gate's threshold, the King's body was paralyzed. His joints creaked, and clutched the key one last time before his heart stopped, and his bones drank the life from him. Bursting from their fleshy tomb, the bones continued to grow as Queens soul dissolved into the King. An explosion of fetid flesh and bone rendered the castle to dust. Jets of the blackest miasma poured from this now towering undead monstrosity. These dark clouds choked and suffocated the King's subjects. The Grey King began to destroy his kingdom, and take the lives of his loyal followers. 

No armies, no hero can overcome the terrible might of the Grey King. Running is the only option, and sometimes even that is not enough. He now wanders the world seizing life where he travels. Carrying the haunted Gate with him.

 People speak stories of this unliving nightmare, and some tell of even seeing a glint of the renown key, resting in the Grey King's gaze...


I really like the idea :o, I wish you good luck and inspiration!

The concept needed a bit more love. There are a few items that I want to pay attention to when I actually get to the sculpt, but for now it's mostly just general form/features. I feel like this is enough for me to base my work off of and continue with forming the base mesh(s).

More updates to come! I'll describe how I want to feature my substance work soon!

Happy creating all!

I had an hour or so to burn before heading out, so I did a crow sketch for the Grey King's carrion halo. ;D

very cool man digging the crow sculpt can't wait to see more parts that will form this epic beast of darkness!

Thank you very much for the encouragement all! I plan on working on the base sculpt for this fellow, and hopefully get his female counterpart integrated with him as well.

For substance, I plan on utilizing this bad boy with the Unreal 4 engine.  I will focus on a number of things, one of which will be the degree of rot that the various denizens of the titan exhibit, as well as weather that might affect the titan as he slowly lumbers through the world. More to come soon!

It's fun to see your concept process. I really like the idea of crows buzzing around his head... it'll be a great way to sell his scale.

Thank you very much Tundra!
It's so cool to see so many more titans join the ranks. I'm excited to see everyone's work.

I'm still kinda hashing out some details but moving ahead with the base sculpt. There are some areas that need tightened up conceptually, thank god for memorial day weekend. Work has been crazy > _ >