Author Topic: Cant run Painter and Designer simultaneously  (Read 2363 times)


Im having issues with having both programs open at the same time. It gives me this error and then I have to close one of them to be able to use the other.

"You have too much nodes running Substance Painter 2. You can wait for some nodes to quit or quit youself. You can only run 1 nodes in parallel given your current license"

Does anyone have a solution to this? :)

Cheers guys!

I came in contact with Allegorithmic and got this answer:

"This problem happens on some computers with specific network cards. I'm afraid there is nothing to do about it for the moment, but this bug is a known issue and should eventually get fixed."

Just thought that others should know that will search for a fix.

Wonder what I can do about it tho other than getting myself a new network card :P

Please fix it (im talking to allegorithmic people) cause its really boring, sometime a material need to be particular to some shape of wall, if we cant adjust its horrible workflow we get, closing everything, waiting some minutes, etc...

I am also experiencing this issue, has a resolution been found ? is it a case of replacing my network adapter? or is it still under investigation ?

There is no fix on the horizon at this point.

Thanks for the response Jeremie :)

FYI and anyone else experiencing this issue, I replaced my slightly outdated pre-windows 10 network adapter with a windows 10 rated compatible network adapter and that seems to have sorted the problem.

Same issues here could we get a different license number for each software ? would that fix the issue ?

Also seeing this issue, and replacing my network card is not an option as I work from a laptop.

Could you tell which Network cards are the culprit......if those affected share that info, other now what NOT to buy! And it might help the lads and lasses at Alle grand central as well.....

Greets, Artisan

Same problem here... this really sucks if you need to switch between painter and designer.