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@kmoschcau: yes, the attachment point is missing because it was a layout test. About attaching the chains to the upper nails, i feel they may be too much visible and hide part of the armor, but it's worth a try. I'll produce a couple shots with different attachment points to check and evaluate.

@AintShint: I agree with you about the roundness. Your architectural opinion is much appreciated! Next iteration will have hard edged chain rings. About the visual heaviness of the chain you're right. But i fear it to "disappear" when full textured and colored. But, as said previously, it's worth a try. Thank you!

Well... here we are with two shots. Both are only blocked, the attachment point to the Angel is missing but they should be enough for comparison and evaluation. The left one has a low attachment point, while the right one has an high attachment point.

While the high one is somewhat more pleasant to watch at (imo), the lower gives me more "chained" feeling.

I'm really puzzled... opinions?

I think the visual weight of the chains is fine and prefer the low attachment points as they don’t detract from the strong geometrical form of the shoulders.
Maybe the use of four chains forming that ‘visually stable’ quadrangle on plan is fighting the intended dynamism of the composition.

As an alternative composition you could try keeping the two rear chains and the left front and omitting the right front. The remaining three should be kept in tension with little or no slack. That way the angel becomes more the focus and the 'triangulated base' of the chain connection points enhances the overall dynamism.

Well, i prefer a more symmetrical composition so i'd go for the 4 chains. Maybe i'll re-layout them to avoid they cover the hands. The scene should not be too dynamic as the angel should be under the control of the attached machinery (to be studied). I plan to add the priest in the foreground, like the sketch. Proportions may vary as i need to find a decent tradeoff.

Looking forward for updates to your titan AintShint!

Small break to correct the posed mesh with a morph map. Man! Didn't think this would take so much time! I'm exausted. Anyway i'm satisfied with the result. There are few distortions in the joint area and some things are really hard to adjust. But i think it's enough.

Really cool design! Looking forward to your next update.

Thank you simon2! Added few more details trying to get to a point.

As you can see from the shots, now chains are attached to the ground and armor by dedicated hooks. The armor hooks are driven by explosive modules than can free the angel in case of necessity.

The nails on the body acts like a nuclear plant control rods. While the angel is connected to the main control system, feeding energy to the cage armor, the control rods are extracted as they can give limited power and cannot be used for long time. If the external power source disconnects they activate by entering into the armor, driven by explosive modules. This should give to the scientists enough time to restore the external power.

The box in front of the angel should represent the priest size.

I'm unsure about pipes placement as they appear to bring chaos into the shot, especially the front one.

Nice composition!

Maybe take the pipes connectors directly down into the floor rather than the back of the plinth. If you move them a bit to the left in the first image then they won’t detract from the foot and won’t fight the chains for attention in the third image.

Nice work, can't wait to see what kind of color you will choose.
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@AintShint: I agree, i'll redesign pipes on the side, this way the shot should be cleaner.

@mathieu_kendo: Thank you! About the colors, sticking to the background story mankind designed the cage armour to try stopping the angel from destroying everything so it was not possible to refine it so much. I plan to make it of brushed metal plates, soldered or nailed. Only some colored decals on serviceable parts. The joints should be of some kind of rubberized tissue or similar. But it's all on how much well i will grasp SD :)

Added an outlined render to evaluate the priest character size. In the final shot it should keep a light rod in his right hand.

Uhm... still some doubts about angel's left hand pose (the one near the priest)
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Neither I nor, I suspect, the angel are overly troubled by his left hand.

However, if I was the priest I would be concerned . . . very concerned . . .
That, and the angel’s right foot . . . ominous!

@AintShint: Well, in the original background story i wrote about a sacrifice... i guess i should be more "politically correct" and replace it with the priest... or monk. Like better the term "monk".

Added some detail to the monk, i think this would suffice as base mesh because it will be smaller than the main character. All the missing detail should come from the texture.

The monk helmet and backpack should recall the technological era of the scene. Think that helmet and backpack should recall some angel armor details.
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Started working on UVs... Man! So many hard surface pieces to accomodate! And the difficult part is to give more UV space to the pieces eye will go on. While working on UVs i'm trying blocking materials (still pure materials, no textures).

I suspect that my initial idea of a brushed metal armor will clash with the readability of the scene. Moreover, all this metal smells of sci-fi b movie a mile away... Must find a different solution.

this is a nice composition man, looking forward to the finished render

Thank you 3dmutt!

Sorry for posting an UV unwrap result but i consider it a my personal goal. This is my very first decent "manual" UV unwrap ever!
Why manual? Well... aehm... I must add a note to my never-do list: never trying to UV unwrap an object in an external application after posing it. It's bad... bad thing.