Author Topic: Quick Material Preview without substance player  (Read 1137 times)

I have hundreds of Sbsar files and sometimes I just need to run through these materials to find what I want.
Is there a faster way to Preview the materials without having to open it in the Player? (I use MacOS, but I guess this would apply for windows users as well).

The fastest way that I found to run through all my materials is to import them into Unity and have the engine do the work of rendering the material.
It would be a lot easier if either the sbsar was exported with a little "file.png" automatically OR better yet, have this image preview thumb replace the logo without another file...


Legit request: I'll share with the team.

I just want to add my voice to this request.  I also have hundreds of Substances and I get more all the time either by creating them or downloading from share/source.  My biggest pain point right now is organizing the substances that I have and being able to find what I need.  If I try to load them all into the library it crashes the program.  Would love a substance asset manager of some sort.

Any update on this yet? Why doesn't substance player itself have a basic viewer? Having to open each one to view is ridiculous.