Author Topic: Rotate material per UV shell  (Read 2074 times)

If your UV shells are not aligned, your texture will look incorrect if you used a material with lined patters such as wood or lined fabric. You should try triplanar projection first. If that doesn't work, rotate the UV shells. If you can't do that either, you can still rotate the material on a per-UV shell basis inside Substance Painter:

-Apply a fill material.
-Select the material in the layer stack.
-On the properties window, change the UV rotation so that the material lines up correctly with some UV shells.
-Add a black mask to the material.
-Select the black mask.
-Select the Polygon Fill mode.
-Set the Polygon Fill color to white.
-Change the fill mode to UV.
-Click on the UV shells and observe the material alignment. If it is incorrect, undo.

Repeat the steps above. Add the same fill material on top of the stack, change the UV rotation, select UV shells which look correct with polygon fil mode, etc.

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