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Whew im glad im not the only one with that problem! What do you mean you feathered it out yourself? You mean the mask?

I painted a extra mask myself in Mudbox/PS to blend them together where needed.

Thanks for the info Greg I ended doing a base in 3d coat and I'm refining the mask in Substance with 2d paint tools.

I've been working on the shell material, and the pose.

Awesome sculpt work, can't wait to see him textured.

amazing, I'm trembling to see textures

Oh man I'm running out of time.

I still have to export everything out to Marmoset and finish the other textures, heres a preview from the Substance viewport.

Even my wife contributed to this project, she wrote the story behind my titan!

It was dawn. The air was still and the trees were quiet; not a bird in sight. The keeper pulled his row boat out from the dried brush and sighed. There was no sign of life, which meant he was unlikely to catch a meal again. His stomach churned with disappointment, and if any ears other than those of the keepers' had been there to hear it speak they too would have fled. Since the invaders took over and wiped out most of the food supply, a hungry stomach was not to be trusted. Now with them gone a gurgle was more than not trusted; it was dangerous. Just then the keeper felt a quake. Nothing like the bombs that hit so many years ago, no. It was subtle, and if it weren't for the lifelessness that surrounded the cabin it would have gone unnoticed. The keeper felt the quake again, this time a little more powerful. The stillness off the trees faded and the branches began to rattle. Another quake, the strongest yet, and in the distance the keeper could see a tide growing a foot every second. The keeper stood looking at the water in awe. The old story had some truth, he thought. A creature 10 times bigger than the tallest and most powerful man and animal will rise to protect the people. Teeth more terrifying than a great white, and fins powerful enough to end a storm.

Finally import into Marmoset

Also here is my graph for the skin, does anyone have any tips for making the graphs more readable, I think mine are getting alittle nutty.

I'm calling mine done, I'm gonna go take a nap now.

Congradulations :) Ive been following this one since the start. Very nice work

Hey thanks for the kind words and support! :) 3rd place!