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We will post changelogs for Substance Designer updates in this thread.

Substance Batchtools 6.0 (February 2017)


- [Global] Use png format by default for image creation (instead of jpg)
- [Global] Help need to be more explicit (we now use more specific information and provide more examples)
- [Global] Error message still appear even if SD resources path is valid
- [Sbsmutator] Crash with "--switch-to-constant"
- [Sbsmutator] Error when connecting image inputs should be more explicit
- [Sbsmutator] Does not expose parameter/outputs group
- [Sbsbaker] Use powers of two for output size ("--output-size 10,11" now creates a 1024x2048 map)


- [Global] Support SD6 new features (sbsrender now use the last version of the engines, sbsmutator now use the new sbs file format and allows to specify a graph physical size,etc.)
- [Global] More flexible boolean parameters (for example "false" can also be specified using "0", "off" or "no")
- [Sbsbaker] Baking resolution up to 8k
- [Sbsbaker] Support non square ratio
- [Sbsmutator] Support graph attributes editing (tags, author, author url, label, category, description, icon, user data, etc.)
- [Sbsmutator] Add "export with dependencies" feature
- [Sbsmutator] graph-parameters-editor is now more flexible (more similar to "specialization"). You can now for example replace image inputs by images
- [Sbsmutator] New edit command (that gather all the possibles options between specialization and graph-parameters-editor)
- [Sbsmutator] Have the possibility to remove outputs on a mutated sbs
- [Sbsmutator] You can now specify several substance files to mutate (using "--inputs")
- [Sbsmutator] Support absolute size with "--connect-image"
- [Sbsmutator] Verbose/quiet modes added
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Hey Gaetan, it looks like in BatchTools 6 there is also new option to bake curvature-from-mesh which was not available in BatchTools 5 - but there is no documentation on the BatchTools documentation site about this. I've tried to use it but I am not getting the kinds of results I was expecting (which could be a data issue potentially). Is there somewhere I can find more information about implementation of this map (eg algorithm used to determine the curvature) ?
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