Author Topic: Plugin for Houdini on OSX does not seem to install  (Read 26 times)

So I'm running the latest version of Houdini Indie and just downloaded the Substance plugin for both Windows and OSX.  On my windows PC, I open Houdini, hit the tab key and start to type Subst... and the Substance plugin is visible on the list.  Looks like all is working fine.  I go to my MBP (Running latest version of El Capitan), install the Substance plugin for Houdini, start Houdini, go to the viewport, hit tab and start to type Subst.... nothing.  Obviously not there.  I assumed that the proper environment variables would have been set up with the install but perhaps not.

UPDATE:  Forget it... Just don't know entirely yet what I'm doing with Houdini......
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