Author Topic: Correct Low to High poly  (Read 1169 times)

Hello guys,
I am at my very first steps in learning substance.

I am having trouble baking normals from a simple sofa a modelled.
I am following the same exact steps of everyone on youtube and etc:
Have low poly .fbx(v2014), have high poly .fbx(v2014), import low poly to substance, in normals window input the high poly.
They sit perfectly in same position in C4D, project origin.
When I bake, most of the object becomes smooth, what does not become smooth are the longer curved parts that are almost squared on the low poly but are perfectly round on the high poly.
It's like the normals are reading the Phong and after a certain angle on the low poly the normals quit doing work.

So I tried doing an even simpler test:
Create a sphere in C4D, export a low poly of it, hypernurbed it so it's perfectly round, make editable and export that fbx.

Same result in SP.
The faces facing the camera seem round, but the profile of the edge is still low poly. Literally like Phong would operate.

So my basic question and what I think to be the source of the problem is, what is the correct way to prepare the 2 (low, high) in C4D?
is it just hypernurbs/make editable/export like I do ?
Is there a phong setting I need to be aware of?
Or am I expecting too much from a normal map and it's actually not the purpose of it to make a 20 polygon sphere to look exactly like the 100 polygon one?

Thank you

Hey, do you mind illustrating with some pics? It will be easier to assist you ;)