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I am just noticing that your download servers are insanely running slow. I can understand the success of your products, but you SHOULD DO SOMETHING!!! This is weird, Amazon's servers problem!? And sure my internet is running great.


Our servers work fine, as far as we can tell. If you have an issue with the download speed, you should check the settings of your connections.
Some other people had some issues and changing the protocols increased the speed dramatically.

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I'm having this problem to the extent I cannot update Designer after trying for the last 2 weeks, I'm wondering where I can read up on changing protocols for Amazon S3 to make a download possible or possibly get a torrent link of the latest version.

Jeps, I guess the bandwith you are leasing from Amazon just does not cut it if all Substance users start downloading at the same time. Possible solutions:

1) Lease more bandwith (expensive and brute force)

2) Shedule the downloads so the whole community is not enticed to download all at the same time

3) Reduce the update frequency since frankly I have to say, I rarely run into deep, deep trouble with your products, sometimes just communicating an error instead of fixing it (and creating fewer but large updates/upgrades) works just as well. If I can't use a node for some time, and that node is not that critical, I would not run away yelling and screaming

4) Release delta's only, a clever CVS should be able to do this if you program modular

I've managed to download an update for Designer the other day, an update for Painter failed yesterday (I had to close my browser previously leaving me with an unfinished part) and since then Amazon and my comp are not on speaking terms.

Maybe an old-skool FTP server would be cool.........

Greets, Ed.

i have to support the original poster. I have gigabit internet and the downloads are dying and stalling out before they hit 100 mb.

something is wrong.


I just bought a license and cannot download anything! The download runs for a few seconds then just stops completely and won't restart. Over and over again.. quite frustrating.

I've even tried using a VPN to download it from other parts of the world incase you're using a cheaper SVN.

Please check this thread :,17714.0.html

That's not helpful or a solution.

When I first signed up there were no issues downloading the files from your site. I've tried downloading the latest Substance Painter on three separate connections now, all of them fail in the same way.

There's definitely something wrong on your end.

Can Allegorithmic please address this issue ASAP, or at least host the files somewhere we can download them from while the problem is investigated?


We made a change on the server for Substance Painter.
Can you please try again and let us know if it's better?

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Hey Nicolas,

Whatever you did, it worked! Downloads are working perfectly now.

edit: forgot to say, thank you :)
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