Author Topic: Can you developed node for Cloth stitches ?  (Read 2312 times)

I am looking for cloth stitches node in substance designer. its very challenging to draw curve or any random stitches in substance designer . so if you guys develop this tool, its really helpful for artist.

One more thing please make a shortcut key to view output like diffuse,normal,ao,roughness,secular etc in view 3d window as we check in substance painter using "C"

I hope these two features really helpful to  substance designer lovers like me..thanks
Santosh Chaubey

Hey, this is really a tough one as there is no way for a pattern to know the position of the other ones.. (but indeed a good challenge)

tile sampler is good work around, it can't orienting the element in direction of the mask. See the attached image. In future update, hope a line tool is added as path and elements can just trace over them in forward facing directions.

You are not the only one who would like this :)

I'm glad you are aware! this would be soooooo good

Any news on this topic?, I really like the idea.
If you could help me, I remember watching a substance demo years ago of this people:

In that demo, the guy show how they did the leather stitches and did exactly what we need. Just do a stitch and, with the help of a kind of UV map, the stitches followed the contour of the leather, all procedurally.

It was amazing but I can't find that video anymore. Do you guys remember it?

Thanks inadvance.

if it was a custom UV map, I would imagine you would lay out a secondary UV map with the polygons where your stitching goes straightened to a certain axis. It would be easy for designer to just plop in a tileable and call it a day. It would be a bit of a cumbersome process though.

You should try doing your seams in painter though, you can bring in your maps from painter into designer. Painter is really quite good at this.
I have heard that the Allegorithmic folks want to one day develop some sort of "live link" between painter and designer, so you can send textures back and forth real easy.  I can't imagine that's happening anytime soon though! Gotta do the old-fashioned export/import process.

I don't know where that tutorial is, but the bag reminds me an awful lot of a tutorial I once saw using modo. They certainly have tools for painting curves on a mesh and having a stitch geo go along it. Perhaps you saw something like that?
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Nope, it was a substance designer showcase.
In fact it was nothing related to the creation of the stitches, they talked about designer and how they used it for those bag renderings. But I guess the guy who developed the stitches tool was so proud of his work that he started to dig into that tool and the nodes he used to make it. It was really cool.
If I remember well, I watched it on youtube, but I can't find it anymore, even on my watched videos list.
What a pitty.

Hey, not sure if you found a way to achieve this yet. But I'm about to upload a tool to the share site that does exactly this...look up 'Clone to spline' in like 4-5 days time on their share site. And yes it's tangential...(keeps the clones align to spline following each parent clones position & not all facing x/y like the example pic above)

Imo Allegorithmic needs to improve their tiny vector toolset.  It's tremendously inconvenient.      Or maybe even do one more special version of Painter working as a vector editor with objects .splines etc.. 

To be honest  SPainter itself has a lot of things missing of what a regular cheap vector soft like Xara does.    Years ago Xara even worked seamlessly and non-destructively with Filter Forge( kind of cpu only SD alternative) Doing it slow as hell although.

As of what to do with such curves/ stitches I can only offer to use  free Microsoft Design soft. It's what left  of old wonderful Creative House Expression after Microsoft bought and seriously castrated it.   It has a special curves/brush strokes  where you could do up to 10 alternating parts following precisely a vector spline + start/end parts.
   Since it's stay vector  you could switch it in a click to color/depth or whatever set of initial images .   The soft also allows to export selected things only to then link them into SD graph but unfortunately doesn't  allow to back link a certain SD output to use as a background automatically( like photoshop or Illustrator)


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