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I'm trying to figure out how to use substance with Arnold and I'm getting some results which kind of work but I don't fully understand my method or that I'm doing it correctly.

I do plan to make use of substance painter and fully understand the software and process in the future but currently I'm just looking to grab a hi res texture and plug it into arnold.

I have a bunch of materials, here's my process.


I have, Diffuse, Basecolor, normal, specular, glossiness, roughness, metallic, height.

This is my set up: Open up arnold network shader, drop in the maps. Grab a standard shader.

Diffuse to diffuse color
Basecolor - Is this the same as diffuse?
Normal - straight into Arnold Displace - add arnold parameter tag to object
Specular - I put this into specular color, however the image is all grey and doesn't look like it's transferring any information.
Glossiness - I don't know where to put this, it seems like this should be used instead of the specular map.
Roughness - to spec roughness
Metallic - The image is all black, I have no idea where this plugs into.

I have a steel material also, would this be a different set up to concrete?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you

diffuse/basecolor are the same; normal to normal map; spec colour (should be white unless a metal) , roughness to spec roughness, metallic to IOR(may need a gamma correction)- if you have substance designer, use the arnold PBR conversion, attached some images that might help.

(BTW arnold 5 is different to this so you may need to experiment)