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got it. following, hope you make in time, this design is one of my favs so far!

hi poly alomst done still need some extra details like bolts and stuff will add them during baking

Look good already, and without texture!

Keep up with this! And look forward to your textured work.
(Must be pain in a... When your try manual unwrap yourself.. Heh)

lol thanks i hope i could make it in time

i've baked the whole thing but didn't have time to texture the beast...what a shame...
screenshot from marmoset

awesome work, it´s a shame you don´t have time to texture it.
amaizing detail.

Substance is Fast...just put some basic will do fine

crazy mod, you are below 100,000 tris? O.o

Go on for the textures!

Hey any update on that one? I would LOVE to see it textured. Anything to share?

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OMG Dude You have to finish this please,  This already went strait to my inspiration folder   MADNESS :o :o :o
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