Author Topic: runtime created graph is outputting norm map as a g8 grayscale  (Read 86 times)

Hello guys

I've set up a blueprint that duplicates a graph instance , alters some params then creates textures for every placed blueprint actor in the scene.  this is working splendidly except for the normal map.

here's a shot of the material which has been created at runtime (the textured planet on right) showing the normal map behaving badly

and here's a shot of the same graph showing its offline default output textures - behaving as expected.

i have it set up as described in the documentation, using the provided Switch On EsubChannelType switch node to assign the textures to the dynamically created material -

but although the graph instance generates a perfectly good normal map when not being used at runtime,  when the textures are created by the blueprint, the normal map is output as a g8 format grayscale file.

here's the dynamic material which is being created at runtime - note the blank white texture in the normal slot

and here's that texture in the texture previewer -

has anybody had this problem? the internet is drawing a blank on this.
hope you can help.  i've included the graph as an attachment here -

i'm using unreal version  Version: 4.14.3-3249277+++UE4+Release-4.14 , and i downloaded the substance plugin just a week or so ago so i assume its latest - no idea how to get the version number for that.

the graph was created with substance designer 5
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Hello Strangelet,
Awesome find! We will look into this and track down why this is not working as intended. Normal maps created from a graph instance should default to the new BC formats but this may have been overlooked for creation through blueprint. As soon as a fix is released with a solution to this issue, I will post an update here.  :D

Thank you for taking the time to report this in such detail!

Integrations Engineer