Author Topic: Bug on layer with a single channel enabled  (Read 52 times)

This seems to be known here, as shown in this thread:

But it's a few months old and the bug is still not fixed. It's really annoying because once the window changes to "material mode", you can't update the texture you have in the only enabled channel.\

Also, since 2.5, the bug has become even worse : it corrupts the texture if you re-enable the other channels. To reproduce:

1) Start a project with any FBX and the "PBR - Metallic Roughness HQ" settings
2) Delete the default paint layer
3) Add a fill layer
4) Drag and drop a default procedural texture in the height channel of the material (I did it with clouds2)
5) Disable all channels in the material except for height (there the usual bug happens, the window changes to "material mode", which is still not fixed and prevents you from changing the texture).
5) Enable the normal channel
6) The texture becomes corrupted in the viewport. Any channel you re-enable will corrupt it even further. If you need to add anything to any channel at this point, you simply can't because you're stuck in material mode, so you must delete the material and start the layer all over again.

Any updates on when this is going to be fixed?

I see you have the latest Nvidia drivers, could try older versions ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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