Author Topic: Can't publish graph using Substance Source sbsar's  (Read 275 times)

I'm referencing some sbsar's from Substance Source in my graph and it won't publish with the error "No inheritance (absolute):". What's this error?


Can you send me your sbs with all the dependencies ?
(right click on the package and choose 'export with dependencies')

Thanks !
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I forgot to ask you which version of Designer you use... :)
But according to the error I think you use Designer 6.0.0

Ok, so yes, this is caused by the sbsar.
I've just work with an other user who has the same issue.
I made few tests on 6.0.0 then using 6.0.2 and it seems that Designer 6.0.2 succeed to publish sbs which contain sbsar.

So I advise you to update your Designer ! :)

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