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let's try to be in, the idea behind this is somewhat bound to the classical greek titan iconography, ie huge godlike and primordial beings. an elemental creature made of some "organic" matter and metal that grows like skin on it (and so metal is in its primitive mineral form).

Are you Daniele from d3d? I'm eager to see your work!

oh yeah it's me! well I hope it will come out cool, slow progresses making the rocky/mineral part look like Ilmenite (a metallic mineral containing titanium), then i will revisit the organic parts cause i still am in search of the right look

in progress, almost done with modeling of the main pieces.

I don't know why I like it. must be a chaos stuff I like.

Yep the idea behind this is to play with a chaotic placement of metallic minerals to underline the primeval and "god-like" nature of this creature, whereas the overall shape and siluette suggests an anthropomorphic thing :).  i was not sure if giving it also an organic part (which in the end i added, also to have the possibility to have more fun when it will come to define materials ;) )

Soooo nice!  ;)

thanks Nazedo, really appreciated! other wips, started creating the base texture for the shell that will be used in substance to add all kinds of touch ups, effects and so on, and finished modeling the inner part (after lot of design changes)
As for the background of my titan (i forgot to do it in my first post) here it is:
Titanium titan background:
this titan is some sort of godlike creature, something inbetween the primordial gods of the greek mithology and the elemental-like earth defenders of the final fantasy VII weapons. the main sources of inspiration for the idea were those two concepts, whereas for the design and the "biology" of the character i tried to draw some inspirational ideas from the Magic the gathering and warhammer universes.
Basically this titan is, as already said, a primeval god like creature, existing in different planes of the existence and being able to travel among them. its real form is made of pure energy (spirit, mana, or whatever is it), and when it shows in a phisic form he modifies/creates matter around his core, a pulsing nucleum of powerful energy, to assume its exterior and visible shape.obviously the shape taken is functional to the reason of their appearance, even though for the most they tend to assume some huge and dangerous forms, as they usually come to restore sort of natural balance via some good ol methodical massacre and destruction :D

Progresses in texturing. i have passed the last week learning a bit substance designer and painter and used them to put dirt effects, glowing masks, cracks and environmental weathering effects. still tweaking some effects, i wanted to try some burnt areas on the hands (as i want to put flames cardboards there) but i am finding hard times in substance painter to define sharp and small masks due to the 2k size limitation of its textures.
after some unlucky texturing tests on the inner part i decided to go with a very dark material (the one shown here is not the final one but just a simple test to see how this reads) as the previous ones, very fleshy and with emissive maps for the energy veins made the character really messy in that area (sometimes less is more)

almost done

Jaw dropping! Love those flames!

Really Impressive

Should I even try to compete  :o Looks really cool man.

thanks guys!

Niiice, that's awesome, danko!
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