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Hi all,

We installed a sketchfab plugin on the forum, so that you can show/display your titans easily :)
You can find it in the icon bar next to the ftp link, or just use the sketchfab /sketchfab with [].

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WOW! cool. do i need a sketchfab software for this feature?


I am on iPod and have another look at 3d model...
Oh my god, even on my iPod.. I can view 3d model!

Ah sketchfab is a website, all I can do is sign up and here I am. Awesome!
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Fantastic news ! Well done.

We are pretty happy with that indeed. The Sketchfab tech and platform is great, and the guys there are great friends, so only the better.

Also, we are preparing a little surprise, to be unveiled in the next few weeks, stay tuned ;)

Ane keep producing amazing stuff, I am simply in awe when I look at your WIPs!
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Well thanks !
Allegorithmic and Sketchfab are truly societies whose products changed the way I was doing 3D in a few weeks. And as a side note, it also does matter to me that these societies are French, even if I would have used their products if they had come from the outer world (perhaps they did ?) ;)