Author Topic: S Painter does not consider Smoothing Groups In FBX High poly during baking  (Read 833 times)

I have a piece from Fusion 360. IT has 160 k polyes. Cheep, I'm happy with it. I put 20 degree smoothing groups on it. I exported it as FBX with smoothing groups.FBX is great , tested it with Maya and Marmoset.  I made a low poly for it.I want to bake that high poly with smoothing groups into the low poly. Painter says NO, Marmoset says YES. Sadness day.
PS Exported with 2015 FBX and 2013 FBX, still crap. Using Painter 2.4.1.
Please add support for smoothing groups in the high poly mesh on bake.


We do have support for smoothing groups in the high poly. Can you please post the mesh and I will take a look.

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