Author Topic: Two side material in unity  (Read 490 times)

Hello everyone I need to use syringe model in unity i was download plastic material.sbsar i applied it in unity and set alpha value for transparent feel. but it is single side mesh how can i set two side ? in unity we can control it using only shader know so pls help


You'd need a double-sided shader, regardless of the Substance material.

Try these out:!/content/23087

Thanks for your reply i was download this and import into unity but i got some error pls help i am using unity 5.3.6f1

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The shader keyword the error mentioned was changed in Unity 5.4:

If you open up the shader files and replace any instance of the word "unity_ObjectToWorld" with "_Object2World" it might work in 5.3. But there might be other errors after that.

Thanks i was update my unity to 5.6 now its working but i got some artifact need to sort out that