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Hey Guys Happy Friday,
woo first post!!! As I push to complete my Mars game/Tech demo for release on Steam VR ill be dropping the substances and maybe in engine shots :) Comments and crits always welcome :D
An exploration in Sci Fi Metal with some Plasma Damage Let me know what yall think :)

Did a bit of work last night, here is the snow material i made....i think i need to incorporate SSS into it
Let me know what yall think :D

That snow looks very interesting.
I like the way it appears to be wind-blown in one direction.
Nice job.  Thanks for sharing.

One thought... You might want to lower the height on your drifted snow a bit.  It looks like a lot of it might be at max height, resutling in sort of a flat top (almost as if you smoothed it with a trowel).  Leave room for height variation even at the highest point of the drifts.  Did that make any sense?  Take a look at your Height Map, and see if you have sizable areas of pure white.  Overall, I'd say it's "cool."  Brrrr....
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