Author Topic: What to do next? how can i sell my materials in substance designer?  (Read 622 times)

Hello guys !
how are you guys? So I have some doubts about the texture development market, I've been studying substance designer for a while and I'm starting to hone my skills and soon I'll be improving my portfolio and making it more professional! But I have some doubts about what to do next? Would you like to know how you can get jobs or money using Substance Designer? Any tips on how I could sell the materials I produce? Is there a site that buys these materials? Any tips on this I appreciate! thank you !

Unless your substance work is way beyond what's already on substance share/source, it's going to be difficult to make much money selling 'off-the-shelf' substances.  Likely not enough to make a living, though that shouldn't discourage you from trying - particularly if you can offer something new or unique.

Substance is becoming something of an industry standard in games, and is making rapid inroads into VFX.  The way to 'make money' from your skills using Substance is to find a company to hire you to create assets for them.  You'll need a good portfolio, as (like everything in the creative industry) there's likely to be tough competition, but there is work around. 

Wow thank you very much! So I believe I'm doing the right thing, I'm totally redesigning my portfolio for it! Thanks for the tip, but other than the companies, do you know any other way that could help? I do not expect to make a lot of money, but I just want to know exactly what I could do with what I'm working on, you see. Thank you so much for your tips helped me to confirm that I'm with the right focus!

If you are interested, please join me at artstation :)

Did you find a platform and a means of getting attention for sales? Any success?