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Painted totem in Unreal editor. 

Weekend sketch project using Unreal. I don't have a long experience with the editor so this was basically done for learning and practice.

Used "vector parameter" and "scalar parameter" nodes on a translucent blend mode material to get opacity (glass containment for green battery cell material).  In other words, I couldn't figure out how to use SP's opacity shader output in Unreal so I used Unreal Editor nodes instead.

Models and round edge normal bakes done in Modo.  Rest of the bakes and most of the materials were done in SP.

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From quick freelance work.  Terrain from satellite image.  Client didn't require extensive texturing work so I only have basic materials here for the buildings. IRay post-processed and rendered.

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Personal project work-in-progress.  Bakes and base materials applied.

Second and third images: my initial concept and in-engine layout ideas.

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Structures for my asteroid base work-in-progress personal project.  Just starting with the first bakes and base mats. Additional texture details and tweaks for later.  Yes, opacity maps not looking good but these pieces would be far in the distance in my composition anyway.  :D

Fourth image set, concepts and basemesh.

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Unreal editor screenshot.  Working on the look dev: checking what I'm missing, what to tweak.  Additional post-processing in Photoshop.  I'm not good at S. Designer. Yup, terrain mat from a hastily made Designer graph.  Looking like baked cheese (or overbaked pita bread) but maybe I'll keep it that way for the final renders.  I'm just happy it was painless to import the sbsar in Painter.

Also from this session, I figured out how to use the albedo as an opacity mask in Unreal (just use the alpha to connect to the opacity channel - it's the last output dot).

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Another lookdev.  100 per cent Unreal this time.  Familiarizing myself with the editor's post-processing tools.  Can't resist lens flares, sooo pretty 8)

Will do further work on the terrain (add hills and rocks) after I bake vehicle mats.

Worked on the vehicle base mats.  Testing what ground glossiness mean in Iray.  Not sure why I'm only getting a pair of reflections for the hoverlight emiters.

Third image, just an in-engine lookdev.  Not accurate since I'm missing ground shadows.  Just testing composition and scale relationships. 

Will add, or not, more mat details depending on how it all looks in the final phase.  I don't want to work needlessly if details can't be seen because of dof (i.e. out of focus) or lighting or post-processing obscures them.

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Latest freelance work.  This is from Iray, but textured model will be used for a mobile app. 1024 maps. Originally I was going to have 9 texture sets but I thought of rendering 2 ID maps in Modo instead.  So in Painter I only have 2 texture sets to manage, 6 total exported maps for Unity. Used the ID maps to color select masks.

Third image, latest wip for my personal project using (and learning) Unreal.  Added some rocks from the Epic kite project which are offered as stock assets in their learning portal.  Just trying them in this test scene.


I've really enjoy seeing the many pictures you've posted in this thread.  I've been enjoying the last sci-fi set series in silence, but thought you should know you have a fan lurking here.

I especially enjoy the "behind-the-scenes" images of the concept art and raw meshes and stuff like that.

Thanks for sharing.  :)
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Justaviking, thank you!  I appreciate your reply.

Silent lurking is fine  ;D  If I can only send one message across, showing my excitement for SP through my art I consider that mission accomplished.

Thank you too for your chain mail video tutorial.  Anything SP related I check out for workflow tips.

Checking out the new anchor points feature on Wiktor Öhman's Viking helm, part of the pack he has for sale on gumroad.  I know he does work for Quixel  ;) but he's having a 50% off sale on all his gumroad items.  Check his Twitter for the code.

Yeah, that was my big surprise when I was working on that "tutorial" for Oscar - that the anchor layers work even when they are turned off - so it was interesting to see that highlighted in your screen shots.  Very handy with lots of potential.
Oscar's thread:,19603.0.html

Oh, and that helmet looks pretty cool.  :)
Common "Help" suggestions:
- LOG FILE tips -,22451.0.html
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- ATTACH files and pictures to posts:,23670.0.html

@justaviking, definitely an evolution on the normal map workflow.  But it feels....klunky setting it up, at least first time using it.  You need a specific layer type order, you have to set links manually at least twice (set it on the anchor, then set it again on the target edge wear generator), etc.  Maybe it can be streamlined further in future SP versions. it really just working for the one edge wear generator and not on smart masks?  I'll investigate further but at a later time.

Re: helmet, Wiktor (prounounced as Victor) is a very good artist.  Learning lots about Unreal related stuff from 2 of his gumroad videos.

EDIT: Of course  :), good to hear you approve of Wiktor's helmet Sir Justaviking.
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Test scene update.  Sculpted a mountain range in Modo and processed it a little bit in Zbrush.  I've tried UE's terrain tools but I don't have enough experience to have control over what I was brushing in so I reverted to familiar tools instead.

I used the same tile which I got out of trying Warren Marshall's seamless tiling tutorial.  And run it in Bitmap2Material to get normal and height maps.  Added Unreal blend node edits just to see how I can tint it.

Next series of is to put all the structures together and find good compositions.