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More "Zubstance" process tests.  These were actually done before the shout posed sculpt. 

Just figuring out a Zbrush to SP workflow.  Seeing what zbrush materials transfer over -the metals won't transfer but you can use the ao or height map SP bake as roughness and metalness mask + levels.

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Added teeth to the low poly (tile downed brick and a grunge procedural for gaps).  Added panel insets on hi poly.


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I didn't know...Zbrush polygroups (fbx export format) = SP texture sets   :-[

or polypaint fill from polygroups (for vertex color ID map bake in SP);

or breakup polygroups into uv islands (via uv master)

All are good to know for separating mats in SP if using Zbrush bake assets.

EDIT: third image showing no seams on Iray render

EDIT #2: well, after I found the polygroup to texture set relationship I just made the low poly mesh in zbrush one polygroup and re-exported fbx, since I didn't need multiple texture sets in SP for this test

No visible seams
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Pixologic's Paul Gaboury scan remesh and PBR painted

Process testing

Trying out sculpted hair using a Zbrush curve brush to lay down strands for the high poly.  Then checking current low poly in Unity.  Bakes and maps from SP.

I'm now thinking of having a game res (maybe between 5 & 6k polys), medium res for cinemachine and lip synced audio (10-15k), and ultra high for non-engine non-animated "beauty renders" and 4K mat close ups.

Plans for the background environment?  Can't say yet other than I'm hurrying to understand Designer  :-X

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DIY foliage test

About 3K bush from one leaf textured plane card. B2M for leaf normal and ao maps.  If you enlarge the first image you can see the leaf veins as if injected with steroids  :D  I cranked the normal frequencies in B2M so they look exaggerated from medium close ups.

Insets: color, normal, ao, opacity mask

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Leaf card tree

Zbrush for 4K poly trunk and branches, in addition to the cards.

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Foliage process tests and one hasty attempt at fur

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Nanook of Panorama

Another try at fur.  Getting there but this is....a composite cheat.  Can't load complete 31K mesh into SP with my current laptop specs without crashing so I had to chop back facing fur cards to reduce poly count and get 2 Iray renders to composite. 

This limitation is not a big deal since all cards are using the exact same UV so....really, I just need to output textures from one card and the exported textures should work for the whole suit in Unity (plus a UV2 vertex transfer normal map from Modo).



Difference in the fringe opacities.

The Good, The Bad, and The Fallout Boy

hair shader experiments

Figured out how to not make the fur cards crash in Painter.

671K polys in Iray :o (not a big deal if you have a kickass rig but I previously thought my laptop couldn't handle such polycount in SP)

I shall name this creature...Ooweek.  Yes, a creature somewhere between an ewok and a wookie.

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