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Played with blend modes for top most Height channel to show cavities.  Made a sub-fill layer set to height only, to drive pits and peaks (aka cavities) of the height map.

I can get more "free" boulder textures by adding another height layer set with a grunge procedural, but I'm just showing at the minimum what's possible with just the tiling map I've come up with.

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Scene update.  Not a lot being shown here but in fact this took me hours to debug to reach this point.  The mannequin is from Unreal's third person template.  My first problem was figuring out why template actors were disappearing in the editor's outliner panel after I escape out of play and why the camera was stuck to the mannequin's guts.  When I got passed that, second problem was figuring out why the mannequin was falling from my imported static mesh ground (answer: no collision set).  There's were a few more head scratchers but the last issue that almost made me give up was to figure out how to fix the scale of my ground textures once applied in Unreal.  The ground's scale is so big when viewed from the vantage point of the third person mannequin that the material I have originally was blurry up close but looked correct when seen in the entirety of the model.  Or, it looked too tiley when I tried to scale up the uvs in Painter.  Long story short, I fixed it in UE's material editor via a Texture Coordinate node - had to google a video for that.

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 Unity screengrab, from this week's freelance work.  Structures for a mobile app, dramatic materials not needed or asked by client.  Just SP baked normal and ao maps.  Simple tinting via Unity's albedo channel color picker.  (If some parts appear like shading errors, I just haven't optimized the lighting.)

Learned a little bit more how to handle maps in Unity.  For example I found how to dial in a map's strength by panning values with a mouse click.  It's like an opacity value.  If you have shading errors from the imported textures you can still control the opacity until it's no longer as obvious. Or you can go the other way and increase it strength, particularly for the normal map channel.

Workflow test-practice on a Zbrush basemesh (this is my retopoed mesh).  Normal-Gloss-Spec-AO from Painter, Albedo from polypaint, scale bumps from Zbrush noise maker, composited and captured in Toolbag 3, Photoshop post.

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speed creature sketch: unrigged, around 3 hrs overall from zbrush sculpt and polypaint, pbrs from painter, toolbag render and photoshop adjusts

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From tonight's workflow practice.

Edited the previous model (reposed arms, redid details, painted a new polypaint).  Rigged in Blender and rendered in Toolbag.  I'm not familiar animating in Blender so it's looking mechanical.  It's short too so looping the Youtube playback is recommended  :)

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Tonight's speed workflow test-practice. 

1st image from Toolbag, 2nd from Iray, 3rd attempt at a posed rig.  All bakes from Painter. Retopo for metal bits in 3dCoat.

Keeping the sculpting and polypainting rough since I just want to iron out my workflow/ process.

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I've been lurking here, quietly enjoying the pictures you've been posting.
Just wanted to say, "Cool stuff.  Thanks for sharing."  :)
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Justaviking!  Hey, Happy New Year man! Ready to rock the forums with our art?  Can't wait to see new killer stuff from everybody.

I feel that 2018 is a great time to build on last year's studies, practice pieces, portfolio pieces, experiments, etc.  Let us all level up in the new year, shall we.

(Or maybe I should drink more decaf in the mornings  ;D)

This week's "test-practice".  My goal today is to use a low polycount quad basemesh, which is about 5800 polys.

First two from Toolbag, third from Iray, fourth image sideview in Toolbag.  All bakes from Painter, head and hands albedo polypaints and sculpted details in Zbrush as well as noisemaker presets.

Sculpt details not optimized or polished since this is just....for practice.  Still learnin'. Still trying to figure out why spec is blown out in Toolbag. (Maybe I shouldn't use the metalness maps from SP).

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Rig test.  Lost my smoothing groups in Toolbag.  Exported alembic from Blender, where I applied the rig and animation, and it's either I have error normals or missing the smoothing.  I'll try and apply the textures before exporting from Blender next time.

Testing how to link a prop to the rig.  Concepts below showing more prop or accessory ideas on the same basemesh.

Work-in-progress opengl 2-in-1 screengrabs showing:

- Modelling additions (head mesh and original feet are intact)
- Quick pass visdev from single mesh bakes (poopy since this is only a test).
- lowpoly wire topology
- redid hands (or just one hand, since duplicate is just a mirrored geo)

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I'm gradually starting to think you're working on self portraits.  When I see your name, that's what I picture now.

Whether that's true or not, I do enjoy looking at your work.  I always really appreciate the pictures that reveal the underlying model and show the work in progress.
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Interesting observation justaviking.

Yeah, perhaps subconsciously I am making self-portraits.  Are you in the psychology field by chance?  :D

I do have personal project plans to model and texture more human looking characters.  I've been researching how to rig faces for example.  Finding out how to export animations into Unreal.

Maybe thread browsers can make an artist "profile" based on what I'll be posting here this year.  ;D