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Oohhh yeahhh, Gumbo the Elephant is back!

Sporting 3 new mat flavors: Mammoth, Punk, Poodle

Stress testing

Trying different uv projection modes, so each card has it's own unique uv.  Testing painting directly on the cards versus vert color id bakes as color input maps.  Not enabling opacity since my intention is to designate this spread uv mode as "UV 2" in Unity.  UV 1 being one uv shared by all cards where I'll apply the opacity mask. (Actually Unity labels these as UV0 and UV1.)

Fbx here is about 2 million polys.  No crashes so far.  Next, I'll try higher subdivs and test fibers instead of cards.

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3.3 million polys

The Iray renders were fast.  It's the prep work that took hours. 

Manually retopoed face & head.  But only for eye lid and lip loops, rest of loops generated using Zbrush zremesh guides (and also setting it to not include tris in remesh).  In other words, less pain than laying out each retopo quad by hand!  :P 

I've also added mouth interior surfaces.  Skip adding a tongue for now.  Simple teeth geo for later after adding hair cards (plus brows and eyelash).

I can do further optimization once I have the hair done.  Like, delete parts of the scalp that's covered by hair.  Ears?  Not sure yet if I need them or not.

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Went ahead and optimized the game res head by merging hi density face topo to a less dense zremeshed scalp and neck.  Will tweak neck tapering later.

Moving on next to modelling tactical gear (ammo packs, etc.) and weapons.  For the primary weapon, I'm currently thinking of attempting to model a Desert Tech MDR Bullpup.

The never ending quest to master realtime hair without using paid plug-ins.

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Kickstarting 2019.  Actually, this thread's still on Year Two since my forum "anniversary date" is not til June.

Blockmeshing chest rig.  Yes, using photo refs for the gear.  Outfit, like shirt, pants...additional details to follow.  Shirt will turn into a hoodie...if I can pull it off modeling it.

Seamless ground tile process test.  All 3 rock variations were sculpted. Smaller stones use the same normal map as the rocks except tiled smaller to make it look denser.  Green coloration from a smart mask.  You can see how it repeats towards the horizon but that can be disguised via foliage cover up, vertex paintover with another tile, or static mesh rock placements.

Unity screengrab plus SP exports (except hand lassoed black & white Photoshop mask).

Last Edit: January 09, 2019, 05:32:04 am

Added hair cards and ears.  Not a final look but a close preview of the hairstyle I'm after.  About an additional 400 polys from the cards.  I just subdivided the head subtool to make it look more presentable for this update.

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Evaluating current version of low res mesh with raw mocap in Unity.  Visible issues with default skin weights. 

An unexpected benefit, if you can call it that, by doing this test this early before texturing is finding out new tech related issues (pain in the neck!).  First of all with the latest version of Unity my rig tool was acting buggy - example, arms would be wonky but rest of body would play the mocap correctly.  So I had to install months older version of the engine to get this working again.

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Started gray boxing the environment.  I'm thinking of a medieval monastery.  Not a full one but one with a rotunda space where the creature in my concepts would elevate from underground.  Basically a boss level type of room but mini-sized in scale than usual (in an actual game).  Planned presentation stills and videos would be set more in the interior, so I'm going to flip the face normals of the building once I start modelling the details out.  If I still have energy after that I might attempt an outdoor scene in the front area, with bushes and trees, where the character runs towards the doors and goes inside.

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Rigging tests.  Edited skin weighting and trying out face rigging.