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Hello.  Sharing some of my Painter textured works.  Looking forward to seeing your art and sharing feedbacks.  Thank you.

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Trying the new glow filter.

I really like the airplane picture a lot.  Great work, both technically and artistically.  :)
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Thank you justaviking.

#Zbrush4R8 live booleans + Modo round edge shader (no h-ipoly bake)

Lens flare galore (Iray glare post fx) attract the prey of course.   

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Work in progress. Just testing the bakes.  I cut the windows (as in boolean cut the mesh) so I can just have a texture set for the windows instead of decaling it.

Fusion 360 test.  Not a lot of planning (or thought  ;D) for the model and materials since I'm new to Fusion CAD modelling and I'm just finding out how to combine it with SP.  Just used one 750K mesh (that was re-meshed in Zbrush) for the bakes.  Second image is from Fusion 360 (same model with additional details).

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Continuing my experimentation with Fusion 360-SP workflow.

This time I skipped remeshing in Zbrush and imported the Fusion .stl file into Modo instead. So the polycount that I have below is the original 10k from the CAD file.  I baked a rounded edge normal map in Modo and used that as the base normal map in Painter.  Detailing was using stock alphas with different brush settings and brush stroked in the height and normal channels. Like in the first test, I just did this quickly for the test than going for a cohesive design.

First image is with normal map off.  Second, rounded edge normal map turned on.

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Fusion 360 sketch

That's a very cool look.  I like the appearance of the material.
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Thanks for checking it out justaviking.

Yeah, between the stock smart materials, masks and Iray there's a lot to work with.  And that's even before you go to Photoshop  ;D

In this video I just did the zremeshing in zbrush, normal and ao bakes in SP. VR authoring in Unity and scanned sculpt sources by my freelance clients.

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Latest freelance work (2 separate projects) with bakes and materials in SP.  Blue cabinet is a Unity screengrab.

Totem paint job is still in-progress but I'm doing it in 3d-Coat since...I feel it has better tools for handpainting  ;D

Modo for low poly modelling, Zbrush for totem sculpt, uvs and sub-d remesh (to obtain hi-poly).

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