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Base normal bakes done. Basemesh is 9,855 polys (19K tris).

Second image is a material test concept for the tightsuit - I'm leaning towards something leathery looking.

With materials applied.  Didn't catch the churro effect on the sleeves in time but I'd apply that experience on a future project.  Otherwise a pretty good practice piece. Specularity is not consistent between the two views since the first one is an iray render and the second is an opengl-yebis screengrab.

Cool.  :)

Very unique and creative.
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@justaviking, Thank you sir!

Preview of my next thread entries.  Inspired by classic Doom 3.  Model is work-in-progress (although I'd likely keep the slim thighs cuz I'm lazy :D).  Just process experiments and material lookdevs here.  Base mesh under 12K, polygroups as indicated. 4 texture sets.  Day's exercise is to get acquainted with using Zbrush more: subtools prepped for match-by-name bakes, preserving polygroup borders as I subdivide, brute uv unwrap of all subtools (via uv master plug-in).

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Lookdev update.

So I made a custom normal map brush stamp for this creature that's located on its back.  It's metallic to contrast with the leathery skin and suggest cyborg features.  Making the stamp wasn't hard but debugging the normal map was stressful and frustrating as heck!

As "dramatised" by the following images, I slowly noticed that the initial versions of the normal bake I was using was wrong.  (Was baking in another app.) I flipped the y, re-baked, imported the new map, saw that the icon on the normal property tab in SP is correct, BUT...the brush cursor was still showing the wrong normals!  "Is this a bug?!"

To make this story short, I eventually discovered....the color space popup list as revealed here:

GAHHHH!   Sometimes self teaching can be painful  :o

[Last image also shows how I found out how to brush blend between two texture sets sharing the same UV, particularly where the material edges meet.]

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Base mats layout done. 

This is my version of March Madness  ;D  Eight texture sets on one uv.  Baked some of the normal maps externally, which means a lot of manual individual texture set baking (and debugging).  But I'm happy there are no seams.  Substance Painter is freaking AMAZING!

Minor normal map detail skewing on the shoulders but I'm okay  with it since, once again, this is just for practice.

Shoes for the monster kicking hero -which I still have to design and model.

2nd image, an alternate material look. 

I vote for the first version.

It's fun seeing this all come together.  :)
Common "Help" suggestions:
- LOG FILE tips -,22451.0.html
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Noted and thank you sir.

Today's progress.  Worked on the basemesh and an initial lookdev.  Going for a costume design inspired by tokusatsu superheros. 

2nd image, material experiments with the shoes.

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The man with the "thousand yard stare".

Testing my homemade basemesh (gotta qualify it especially when Epic released Paragon assets for free today :o).

Just quick and dirty bakes and mats.  Ears I'll do later and fake-merge them into the head using a round edge shader normal map. Same with the so-called realtime hair.