Author Topic: Substance Archive with Material Inputs  (Read 484 times)


I was wondering, if there is there a way to export a graph as an archive from Designer and have inputs which I can feed with .sbs or .sbsar materials instead of color/grayscale images?
I guess something like a multi-material but instead of connecting the inputs/materials inside Designer, leave them open to feed from another application like Unity.

Let's say for example I have an axe with 2 material IDs (one for the metal part, one for the wood) and I want to have specifically ONE .sbsar for it but feed it with various other materials inside a game engine (Unity). Maybe because I want to try various woods or change them during runtime.

Thanks in advance, Christos.

It's been a month and I still have no idea if something like this is possible or even exists.

A little help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

So you want a container for materials? Like a composite material blender by separating materials based on material ID or color mask maybe? I don't think Designer is the first place to look for something like this. Isn't there some node in Unity that will allow you to use several materials on a single model?

Yeah, something like that. Because I want to be able to change procedural parameters at runtime and still have the small file size. So, Designer, was the first place to look for something like this.

As far as I am concerned there is no such thing in Unity. Unity doesn't have a node-based system like UE4, but apart from that I haven't found anything similar to work.

Hm, well, I have no idea how to export a container from Designer that will later accept and mask other .sbsar's as input. But I sure am interested to know if and how it's possible. Sorry i can't be of more help!

Thanks though :·)