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Hi, I use iMac for B2M Version 3.

Its Normal for changing Main Bitmap and Parameter on right side,

But, when i try to open Metalic Tab or Normal, its kick out.

Pls Help. Thank you.

Hello Allegorithmic,

I also have the same problem. When clicking any of those tabs, B2M crashes:
- Metallic
- Normal
- Height
- Ambiant occlusion

I've tried with both OpenGL and SSE2 engine and it crashes no matter what.

Could you please have a look at this? Right now, only Substance Painter seems to be usable on Mac.

Thank you.

P.S: I have a Mac Pro 2010, 12 cores 2,66 GHz with a GTX 780 and 64 GB of RAM, using macOS Sierra 10.12.3.

I've the exact same problem.
If I click any other tab than "Base Color" the program crashes and terminates.

My B2M was bought through Steam and is version 3.1.
How do I upgrade it to a newer version?
I can see newer version available in release notes.

I use an iMac 27" mid 2011 with El Capitain 10.11.6

same here...
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Bitmap2material and Player every single time I click on metallic/normal/height/ambient it just crashes.

funny thing to point out is that it works fine on an external OS that is using 10.12.5, but this same OS I'm using right now(where the crashes happen) it used to be 10.12.5 and It was crashing anyway. I formatted everything hoping that will resolve but nothing.

I've included some files hope they are useful.

it works on Windows bootcamp for me.

MacBook Pro (mid 2014)
2.5 ghz intel core i7 16giga RAM
Nvidia GeForce 750M 2048mb

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I'm very sorry for this issue. I have reported this crash to the developers.

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