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Hello, I'm confused as to how the new payment system works.

When I first came to Allegorithmic, you had the Substance Live Indie subscription. I could pay "x" dollars a month until I paid off the entirety of my license payments. That was amazing. Perfect choice so I didn't have to buy it straight up for like $300.00 it was at the time (year or so ago) and I was a student.

Now I've just graduated a few months ago and obviously I want Substance Designer 6. It says I can upgrade for a flat fee of $75.00 or pay "x" dollars per month. I know right now there is a special of $10.00/month for the first 6 months and after it's $20.00/month.

So just like last time I thought "Of course, I'll do this because it's easier on my wallet to spread the payments out." But a buddy of mine told me that it doesn't work like that anymore. I looked up how the new payment system works and I'm having trouble understanding it still. Sorry =/

Am I paying month each month until I pay off $75.00 or do I have to pay for a consecutive 12 months? If paying for 12 months straight is what I have to do, that absolutely makes no sense to go down that rabbit hole. It's more expensive. I'd rather not use Substance and save up for the upgrade. Could I get some clarification? Thanks.
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Going the monthly route, you will have to pay 12 consecutive months to be able to own the permanent licenses, but the monthly fee gives access to Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Substance Source. You can also get licenses for both tools at the end of the 12 months if you want to.

If all you need is Substance Designer, then I would suggest just going with the $75 upgrade. If you feel like you will have a use for Painter and Source, the monthly payments are probably a better option.

Ah, thanks Jeremie for clearing that up! Yea, I have a license for everything substance already except Substance 6. I guess I'll take advantage of that big sale today. Thanks!
Student at The University of Texas at Dallas

Hey there,

Maybe a silly question, but I couldn't find answear in FAQ. I have Substance monthly Indie Licence. Can I use my softwares on multiple machines? I mean, mostly I need to use it at home, but sometimes I'm elsewhere and I want to use it. Can I?


You can use them on 2 machines (but not at the same time ;)