Author Topic: Substance Painter importing alphas or textures for decals / normal-height stamp  (Read 861 times)

Hey guys,

i wanted to add some height/normal information by stamping it onto my model. normally it works quite well and i know how to do it. But this time I got a little problem. I found a picute in the internet i need for my model and it's not square - its a lettering. i made the letters white to use it as height stamp or alpha and i also tested out making a normal mal out of this text using ndo.

My problem is that the imported normal or alpha/height texure is only useable as a fully square - so its squashed. How can i import normals or textures and get the same side factor i got in photoshop ?

Hope you can help. Cheers

P.s. I used ".tga" and ".png"

The most straightforward way would be to make your image square in Photoshop. Use the Canvas Size function to increase both sides to the nearest square, filling the new void with background color, probably black in most situations.

Hey throttlekitty,

thank you for your hint. its very simple but it works out quite well. But i think its really sad that its not able to use normal/height or projection tools with none square images proberly.