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Once they are final, you can submit your titans on the following ftp:

    - You need to put all the submitted files in a folder, which is named following this convention "your name - Titan's name”.
    - Please include as well a .txt in the folder with all your email address and phone number so we can reach you if needed.
    - Download Filezilla (Free FTP solution)
    - Run Filezilla and connect with the following details:
        Username: ftptitans
        Password: algtitans

    - You should just drag&drop the folder on the folder called "Submissions" on the ftp.
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Just a quick question. Will we get confirmation that you received our submission? I had some issues uploading my folder (probably just me), but I think I got it now.

Thanks :-)

I confirm we got it.

We will double check with the subscriptions on the forum and see if some people are missing.
One good idea would be for people to post on this forum once it's submitted, so we can check it.

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I'm currently transferring all the files now. Is it correct to transfer everything uncompressed (except the substance exports that are 7Zip compressed)? It is taking forever, all those uncompressed TGA... Would be possible to transfer a single Zip archive?
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Hello. Submitted my files yesterday. Please give me feedback if anything go wrong. Folder name:
Pasha_Guba_Insania -Devastator   

Submitted my files today, hopefully it went through.
Anthony Garcellano - Monolith
Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Nevermind. It took all the night but now should be ok.
Can you kindly check for the submission?
"Umberto Uderzo - The Enslaved Angel"

submitted mine few days ago
"daniele angelozzi - ilmenite titan - final"

Submitted my files today, my folder name is 'WandahKurniawan-Koronus'
Thanks  :D

Submission is uploaded as "Kai_Moschcau-Eldeler".

Submitted my folder named "Nazedo - Oceanus titan"

Hey guys, I also had trouble submitting the folder so not sure if it went through. "GregoryStrangis-UgarokTheWanderingTitan"


Submitted "halinka_Atlantic_mermaid"

Submitted : "Sylvain Castelanelli - Selves"
Here's a link to the movie I'm currently working on.
You're welcome to like, participate, state your mind about the project, etc....

submitted today
Brandon Harper - Cabrakan
Hope you enjoy, it's been fun.
Please visit my portfolio at -