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Hey everyone! just following the earlier suggestion to confirm I uploaded my folder,

I submitted my files as JOSE CASTEJON ALIEN TITAN.
Sorry, I apologize to the administrators because my files are identified but separated!
I panicked and thought I was running out of time, you know after 2 month!!

Thank you

I just submit a zip;

I use substance designer 3, there are no export.... I just zip up whole thing. heh
let me know if you don't get all resource ( it should be include.. I've test it)

Hi,I have done uploading .my folder
Thank you.


Just uploaded "Kevin Murphy - Mithala(Kreiken)". Good luck everyone!

lebulb - the hidden son


Submitted "iso-Ancient organisms"

This server can not see the folder from the east wind, it's you wonder whether you have be able to upload data.

Re-upload was over

thank you
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   . . . submitted . . .

Hey folks,
folder submitted:
JeremyOrtiz - GenesisTitan

I hope it worked.

Good Luck everyone!


"Adam Scott-Tundrashift Krulo"

Great entries everyone! Time to enjoy the weekend

so 11:59 is like 2 minutes away and my project is still uploading... that still counts, right? :P

christopherSosebee_Ganodu Udatanvagisdi

1 minute away. =)

Announcing Ninsix has submitted his entry. Kame-Sama has entered the ring.

Ninsix - Kame-Sama

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Did anybody get confirmation yet that their submission was received? Sofar I didn't, and if you guys did get confirmation, my submission might not have gone through...

Luigi Monaldi - earth protector

We are currently gathering all the submission. If one of you guys didn't go through, we will contact you directly to fix that.